In 2011, my routine for tasting different and unique hot sauces turned into an amusement in collecting them.  After amassing over 300+ bottles of different hot sauces I began exploring the process of attempting my own hot sauce recipes. This quickly became a regular pastime/obsession that was paired directly with imposing my 'sometimes crazy--but always unique' hot sauce concoctions on my unwitting friends. After continued experimentation, fine-tuning and, of course, heeding the comments from those friends (mostly wanting more), that in 2015 I finalized the four most popular hot sauces and am excited to contribute these to the hot sauce community. Since then, we have added to our line with habanero honey and several "limited edition" sauces. Produced and bottled in small batches to maintain quality, you are ensured to get the freshest product possible. Enjoy!